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18in. Simple Self Ballasted Cone Shade Pendant Light

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Quick Overview

The 18" Simple Self Ballasted Cone Shade Commercial Pendant Lighting fixture is made from heavy gauge aluminum, and is shown in coppertone. It can also be ordered in nearly 3 dozen other colors (fees may apply.) The 4" Prismatic Globe can be ordered with a clear, frosted or prismatic finish. Globe shapes are available as an opal ball, textured teardrop, tapered, or an extended globe. This highly attractive and durable light fixture drops down perfectly before flaring out to its stated width. Mounting options vary. Additional accessories let you add a grill, lenses, guards, or refractors.

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Availability: Yes

18in. Simple Self Ballasted Cone Shade Pendant Light

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  • 18in. Simple Self Ballasted Cone Shade Pendant Light
  • 18in. Simple Self Ballasted Cone Shade Pendant Light


Each shade is manufactured in a 5-stage process using rugged 20 gauge aluminum sheeting. It is then being powder coated with a rust-resistant TGIC polyester finish in the color of your choice. Interiors are white. Lamps/light source options can include one of 3 choices, such as:

  • Incandescent
  • Compact Fluorescent (CF)
  • Metal Halide
  • High Pressure Sodium (HID).

Using commercial pendant lighting in the shape of these handsome cone pendant lights offers reduced energy consumption without compromising illumination. All electrical components of this superior quality pendant lighting fixture comes with a medium base porcelain socket and is wired for 250V and 660W. For larger lighting applications, we also carry additional self ballasted cone shape pendant light fixtures in several other sizes and shade contours. Perfect to create handsome displays, these fixtures bathe light perfectly right where effective illumination is required. Cone and bowl shaped shades and wiring construction have reduced mercury and draw dramatically reduced electrical wattage. All this energy conservation in contemporary, attractive and effective lighting is available in our 18" Simple Self Ballasted Cone Shade Pendant Light. Numerous mounting options/lengths are available at listed prices. When ordering with add-ons, call for exact pricing. For additional information, expert staff can be reached at 1-888-320-0628. Call to speak with a lighting specialist today.

Availability Usually ships in 1-2 weeks.
Available for Exterior Use No
Shade Dimensions 18 Dia. x 10 H.
Additional Pendant Light Options

Note: Your final light fixture price will vary (up or down) depending on the components required below.

  1. Light Source
    • Incandescent: 150W-200W range.
    • CF (Compact Flourescent): 26,32 or 42W with integrated or remote ballasts.
    • HID (Metal Hallide or High Pressure Sodium; 35,50, 70 and 100W with integrated or remote ballasts.
  2. Globe Options (Globe Finishes include: clear, frosted, prismatic; Globe Shapes include:extended globe, opal ball, textured teardrop or tapered):
  3. Other Accessories Including:
    • Grills
    • Lenses
    • Guards, and
    • Refractors

Additional Product Details Include:

  1. Lamp Holders: Accommodates Incandescent medium base porcelain socket, copper shell with nicked plate, rated 250V, 660W. Compact Fluorescent 4 pin heat resistant thermoplastic socket accommodates 26/32W (Gx24q-3 base) and 42W (Gx24q-4 base). Twist lock design provides for vibration and earthquake resistance, rated 75W, 600V. High Intensity Discharge (H.I.D.) medium base, 4KV pulse start socket, rated 660W/600V.
  2. Shade/Reflector Construction: Spun from heavy gauge 1100-0 aluminum, ranging in thickness from .050 to .125. Galvanized is from 20 gauge sheets. Copper is spun from .040 gauge and 110 soft alloy.
  3. Included Wiring: Fixtures are pre-wired with 48” or 96” leads.
  4. Finish Process: Five stage pretreatment process, coated with a lead free TGI C polyester powder coat finish. White is standard inside reflectors, Except #49-Galvanized, #62-Arnodized Bronze and #63-Iron Rust, Unless specified. Custom colors and Marine are available upon request.