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7"W x 11"H - Self-Ballasted Vapor-Tight Pendant Light

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Quick Overview

These self-ballasted light fixtures combine classic design with modern construction to bring you a light that will last longer and shine more reliably in any application. Made in America, our vapor-tight pendant lights have a round self-ballasted base that adds a futuristic look while the cast guard and glass jar lend a touch of retro charm. The self-ballasted design allows you save money with energy-efficient unballasted compact fluorescent bulbs. These aluminum lights come in a number of finishes that include bold powder coat colors and industrial-style metal finishes. The cast guard, base, and glass jar can all be personalized to suit your needs. Vapor-tight fixtures will keep out moisture and dirt for a more reliable lighting solution. Hang these lights in any high-risk indoor or outdoor location using one of our cord or stem mounting options.

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    Availability: Yes

    7"W x 11"H - Self-Ballasted Vapor-Tight Pendant Light

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    • 7"W x 11"H - Self-Ballasted Vapor-Tight Pendant Light


    A Blissful Marriage of Retro and Modern Styles

    When you think of vapor-tight light fixtures you might think of boring old-fashioned industrial lamps. But these self-ballasted hanging lights are anything but old-fashioned, and anything but boring! They have a sleek and simple design that is the perfect marriage of modern and retro. With a round self-ballasted base and a conical cast guard this is a light that can fit in to any application. Plus, these aluminum lights can be finished in a number of ways to make them a perfect match for your space. Choose from a variety of powder coat finishes, glass jar colors, and mounting options.

    The Benefits of Self-Ballasted Light Fixtures

    This aluminum light fixture gets its space-age look from the unique self-ballasted design, adding a modern spherical base to the top of the classic cast guard fixture. But these lights aren't designed just for style, they also serve a practical purpose that's meant to save you money and energy. Because the ballast is built right in to the fixture you are able to buy less expensive unballasted bulbs. These fixtures are designed for energy-efficient compact fluorescent bulbs. You can feel confident knowing that you're doing your part to save the environment. And saving your bank account doesn't hurt either!

    Vapor-Tight Pendants are Safe for Any Location

    These lights won't just save you money on bulbs, they'll also save you money on lighting because you'll never have to buy another fixture again. These sturdy American-made lights are designed for high-risk situations and extreme climates. They are vapor tight to keep moisture, dirt, and dust away from your bulbs. An aluminum cast guard also works to keep those unavoidable accidents from ruining your glass jar or lamping element. Using the aluminum stem or cord mounting option, this light can be hung indoors or outdoors to illuminate workshops, garages, warehouses, or shops.

    Availability Usually ships in 2-3 weeks.
    Available for Exterior Use Yes
    Dimensions 7" W x 11" H