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12"W x 13.5"H - Uplight Bowl Shade Pendant Light

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Sku: SL8-16312
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Make these unique light fixtures the focal point of your room when you customize them in your favorite color. From rustic to contemporary, this bowl shade pendant can be designed to match your décor. It features an eye-catching design that allows the lamping element to peek through between the shade and neck, casting a soft glow on your ceiling while providing ample illumination below. Made in America, these aluminum pendant lights can be installed indoors or outdoors in homes, restaurants, retail shops, and barns. Choose from a standard cord or aluminum stem mounting option. Each includes a canopy. Various lamping options are available upon request, as well as a variety of bulb guard accessories for added protection.

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SKU: SL8-16312

Availability: Yes

12"W x 13.5"H - Uplight Bowl Shade Pendant Light

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  • 12"W x 13.5"H - Uplight Bowl Shade Pendant Light
  • 12"W x 13.5"H - Uplight Bowl Shade Pendant Light
  • 12"W x 13.5"H - Uplight Bowl Shade Pendant Light


Unique Light Fixtures to Change Your Space

Who would have though that such a simple design alteration could completely change the look of your light fixture and of your room? These unique light fixtures take the basic bowl shade pendant design and add an opening between the shade and neck for the lamping element to shine through. Not only does this little design adjustment give the fixture a more contemporary look, but it also gives the fixture a new level of ambient lighting. With the uplight bowl design, light is allowed to peek through above the shade, casting a glow on the ceiling and the floor at once.

A Custom-Made Bowl Shade Pendant Light

Make your uplight bowl shade pendant light truly shine by giving it one of our stunning powder coat, metallic, or real metal finishes. Since light glows off the top of the shade and not just below it, the color that you choose is sure to catch eyes as it reflects the illumination. Bold modern colors like Blue and Red give this light a funky appeal. Or you can keep it subtle with a natural metal or earthy hue. Since the powder coat finishes are resistant to rust this fixture can be used outdoors on a patio or porch. These lights mount using either the 8' cord or aluminum stem option, each with its own canopy for a "finished" look.

Add A Touch of Industrial Appeal with Bulb Guards

Add even more decorative appeal to this bowl shade fixture by giving it an accessory bulb guard. These wire and glass accessories protect your lamping element while also giving your fixture a charming industrial look. Glass and wire guards can be customized in the color of your choice. This UL-listed aluminum fixture comes standard with incandescent lamping. If you would like to upgrade to another lamping option call our customer service department today. CFL, metal halide, HPS, and LED are available on some models.

Availability Usually ships in 2-3 weeks.
Color Options White (C93), Black (C91), Textured Black (CBK01), Dark Green (C95), Galvanized (C96), Red (C97), Mallard Green (C140), Blue (C103), Yellow (C92), Bronze (C119), Powder Coat Patina (CGN20), Painted Rust (CBR47), Painted Aluminum (C118), Oil Rubbed Bronze (C145), Rosewood on Solid Brass (C77), Polished Aluminum (C98), Satin Aluminum (C137), Raw Copper (C48)
Lamping Options Incandescent, CFL (Remote Ballast), Metal Halide, HPSodium, LED on some (call).
Available for Exterior Use Yes
Max Wattage 200W INC. Available In: 57W CFL, 175W MH, 150W HPS
Dimensions 12" W x 13.5" H