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Flood Lighting Design

Spot, Flood, & Sign Lights

Flood lighting and spot lighting systems bring desirable visibility to any home or business. At Architect Design Lighting, we’ve compiled a wide selection of flood lights and spot lights to help shed that extra brilliance on the places you want to stand out – whether in residential or commercial applications.

Sourcing from a combination of T5 lights, T8 lights and fluorescent sign lights, each spot or flood lighting option in this category serves a unique purpose. From various miniature spot lights to 24’’ flood lights, our selection encompasses fluorescent sign lights and hooded or un-hooded accent spot lighting. 

Architects, landscape designers, commercial project planners and homeowners love our assortment of flood lights and spot lights because of the range and versatility. Each of the T5 lights, T8 lights and fluorescent sign lights is designed for durable exterior use in commercial or residential applications.    

Various Flood Lights for Different Applications

You may need a specific type of lighting, or you may not be quite sure on what you need. Spot lights, flood lights, and sign lights each have their own purposes, and you may require a combination of all of them in order to achieve your goals. Spot lights are heralded for their ability to showcase a specific area, as they're designed for more targeted light trajectories. These can be purchased in various sizes and specifications to achieve the trajectory and illumination you require. Flood lights offer more power and a bright light. They're ideal for areas where ample light is required, whether at home or in commercial settings. These lights can be used manually, or motion sensor lights can be purchased to illuminate a larger area when it detects someone walking through. If you have a business to advertise, sign lights may be the right answer for you. Set up one light, or several smaller lights, to illuminate your unlit sign during evening hours. This allows customers to see your place of business, attracts the eye, and makes your building easily recognizable for potential consumers.

Durable and Effective Spot Lighting and Sign Lights

Your business doesn't stop just because the weather turns ugly. That's why our spotlights, flood lights and sign lights are expertly crafted to hold up against harsh weather conditions without losing function. Protected bulbs allow them to illuminate your business, outdoor areas, or doorways to guide visitors safely while allowing your business to maintain visibility even in the worst of conditions. In rain, sleet, snow, and wind...your lighting fixtures continue to work for you without missing a beat.

Flood Lighting Customization is Key

We know every business is unique. Your needs may be different from anyone else's, or you may not even be quite sure what you want just yet. That's why we offer a wide range of customization options to tailor your lighting to your sign, business front, or landscaping project. Choose from various brightnesses, sizes, and shades to configure your light trajectory. We have T5 lights or T8 lights to accommodate areas where extreme lighting is required, as well as more subtle lights for areas where you want to maintain a bit of warmth. Choose from an array of finish options as well to perfectly coordinate with your home's exterior. Need something you don't see here? If our existing 22 colors and numerous configurations aren't quite what you're looking for, just speak with one of our lighting experts to details on further customization. We're here to help you meet your every design need.