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Illuminate storefronts, signage, and pathways with gooseneck lighting, supplied by Architect Design Lighting. Gooseneck outdoor light fixtures have come a long way. From an industrial past to an aesthetic present, these fixtures now defy their conventional RLM lighting identity to reemerge as a design presence that is both practical and fresh.

A wide selection of quality RLM lighting makes us a go-to source for industry leaders in architecture and design. Each design draws on vintage inspiration that is at once raw and cultivated. This influence gives fixtures the same functional appeal as their agricultural and industrial ancestors, with a modern derivative of style options like different shades and colors.

Choose any of our shades, including Angle, Warehouse, Emblem and Barn Light styles, to make the ultimate sign, awning or retail exterior light - warm and familiar, yet distinctive. This collection of industrial light fixtures are made in the USA and manufactured from high-quality aluminum with a powder-coated finish for superior outdoor performance. Copper and brass fixtures are also available. Order online or call to request custom colors and arms.

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From Industrial Lighting to Outdoor Showpiece

These commercial lights offer the familiar curvaceous shape that made them a household name, but today's lighting is so much more than that. From sleek and sophisticated angled and emblem shades, to rustic and laid back barn lighting, there's a gooseneck fixture that is sure to blend seamlessly with virtually any exterior design. Their versatile nature and numerous design options make these wall lights fitting for everything from retail spaces, multi-unit residential applications, and upscale eateries. Each piece offers the elegance of a modern showpiece, blended effortlessly with the timeless vintage design that made RLM luminaires a favorite among architects and landscape designers.

The Function of RLM Lighting

Our selection of outdoor lighting fixtures goes beyond the aesthetic. Find a striking assortment of Reflector Luminaire Manufacturer lighting to illuminate signs, walkways, awnings, and other applications. With their reflective shades and downward trajectory, these lights are perfect for displaying business signs for outdoor advertising even after hours. Or, light up the pathway to ensure safe travels for customers coming and going in the evening hours. Not only are our lights crafted for top-notch performance - they're long lasting and durable enough to withstand the elements without losing their appeal. This allows them to maintain their appearance and function for years into the future, making them a good investment for business and property owners alike.

Our Outdoor Gooseneck Lights are All About Options

Here at Architect Design Lighting, we believe in options. Not every lighting fixture is right for every customer. We know designers like to have a little fun doing what they do, and sometimes that means thinking outside the conventions of traditional lighting. We also know business owners want to showcase their signs and logos, while still enjoying an aesthetically pleasing motif. That's why we give our customers choices within every aspect of our lighting fixtures. Choose from 20 separate finish options, a wide array of shade sizes and shapes, and even customizable necks. Add optional swivel coupling, and enjoy greater control and more targeted lighting. Find lights with vibrant finish options that stand out, or more subdued shades that enhance without overpowering. Whether you have a fence or awning with numerous twists and turns to accommodate, or you want something sleek, simple, and in keeping with this type of lighting's industrial history, we have a fixture that will work for your next project. Don't see exactly what you need? Contact our lighting experts, and customize a fixture that perfectly coordinates with your next design project.