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Gooseneck Lighting by Arm Extension

Efficient and attractive goose neck lighting begins with the right arm extension. At Architect Design Lighting, we offer goose neck lights on an array of arms for RLM lighting fixtures with diverse light stream options. Proven over time as a practical fixture, goose neck lights are an asset to any commercial exterior project including awning, storefront or sign lighting.

Gooseneck style RLM lighting fixtures feature arm extensions ranging from subtly curved projections to ornate arches. For goose neck lights to reach up and around awnings or drop over sign edges, arm extenders play a large part in design. And while length and curvature of the arm is a technical feature, as in achieving the correct angle and placement of sign lights, it can also add aesthetic value in architectural lighting applications.

Goose neck lighting can be purchased online in various arm and shade configurations. Custom arm bending is available upon request. RLM lighting fixtures are made in the USA from high quality spun aluminum that is powder-coated (25 color options) for superior outdoor protection.

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Display Your Sign or Landscaping with Goose Neck Lighting

Despite their striking appearance, gooseneck lighting used to be all about function. Most commonly used in industrial settings, gooseneck lights allow business owners to aim the light in whatever direction they desire. Reflective shades help with this effect, but the arm is where the magic really happens. We have over 20 configurations to choose from, allowing you to tailor the light's trajectory in whatever direction it's needed. Whether you want to illuminate a sign or add a little shimmer to your prized roses for all to see, you can easily find lighting with arms curved in any way to make that possible. Sweep them around awnings or fences, or curve them around walls. The possibilities are virtually limitless.

Enjoy Your Goose Neck Lights for Years to Come

Our goose neck lights are made to last. Each light is proudly made in the U.S.A., meaning with every purchase, you're supporting American manufacturing. But you're also supporting unparalleled quality and performance. Nothing is made like American made. Our lights are expertly crafted from spun aluminum, allowing them to maintain a lightweight physique while also being ultra-durable and dependable. The finishes are powder coated, meaning they'll hold up even in areas with inclimate weather conditions. Rust, warping, fading, and peeling will never spoil your light's appearance, even in areas with high sun or heavy rain.

Find RLM Lighting Fixtures in an Array of Configurations

If variety is the spice of life, then Architect Design Lighting has a full buffet of options. We offer our customers numerous arm configuration options, ensuring you get the trajectory and aesthetic appeal you're looking for. Not only that, but you'll find a wide assortment of shade options as well, allowing you to find the perfect pairing of curves, rustic appeal, modern chicness, or old world charm. Whether you want a more traditionally industrial appearance with a basic arm, or you need multiple extensions for an elaborate display topped with a more modern shade: there's something here for you. There's also loads of finish options (25 different colors, to be exact), so finding just the right color to coordinate with your home or business is easy. Or, if you have something very specific in mind, give us a call. Our design experts will help you figure out the right design for your project.