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Gooseneck Lighting by Shade

Gooseneck Lights By Shade

Rugged dependability meets stunning presentation in outdoor gooseneck lighting, supplied by Architect Design Lighting. Whereas gooseneck lights of the past were primarily industrial and agricultural fixtures, this nostalgic American luminaire is now bridging gaps between utility and contemporary design. Above café awnings, lining retail storefronts, and illuminating signage, this industrial lighting is charming day or night. Get durable gooseneck sign lighting or consider stylish outdoor barn lights that look great on the front porch or hung over dining tables.

Choosing gooseneck fixtures by shade style is a design-centric place to begin. Although this commercial lighting is still utilitarian at its core, fixtures can also make a strong aesthetic statement - in this, shade styles play a key part. Our clients choose from vintage-inspired silhouettes like the barn or warehouse shade, and also more contemporary reflectors like the angle and emblem shade. The right combination of wall mounted lamps ensures an optimal connection to functional and visual components of a project.

Architect Design Lighting's collection of exterior sign lights are commercial grade and made in the U.S.A. from spun aluminum, finished with a powder coating in a choice of 25 colors. Be sure to check out our real copper lights for an upscale look.

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Each Shade Style Has Its Benefits:

  • Angle - Directional, focused light. Ideal for use as outdoor sign and awning lighting.
  • Emblem - Broad, yet directional light. Ideal for use as outdoor sign lighting.
  • Warehouse - Broad lighting. Ideal for use lighting monument signs, sidewalks and entrances.
  • Barn - Broad lighting. Ideal for use in high traffic areas where antique and farmhouse lighting accentuates décor themes.

Not sure which style is best suited for your project? Read more or call toll-free to work with an experienced project manager: 888-320-0628

Choose a Gooseneck Light for Your Outdoor Space

There are numerous benefits to using emblem and angle shade lights for outdoor spaces, especially when you need to aim the light directly at a given area. Their sweeping necks allow you to perfectly target the lighting trajectory, combined with reflective shades. But their unbeatable function isn't the only reason designers and homeowners alike love these unique fixtures. RLM lighting also has an elegant feel to it, combined with whatever design theme you choose. Find lighting with a modern feel, including colorful shades and a sleeker aesthetic. You'll also find rustic designs, like our barnyard lights, that are throwbacks to the original use as warehouse and industrial lighting. Similar to those styles, we also offer standard and custom outdoor barn lights for your every design need. Whatever you need it, we have it here. When using lighting outdoors, durability is the name of the game. That's why our angle, emblem, warehouse and barn lights are designed to withstand the elements. From heavy rain to dust, grime, wind, and sun: these lights are made to take a beating. You won't have to worry about peeling, rusting, and fading with our high quality outdoor lights, as they have weather resistant finish options to keep them looking their very best for years to come. This makes them ideal options for commercial areas and residential ones alike.

Get Commercial Gooseneck Sign Lighting in the Configuration you Need

Sometimes you have needs that go a little beyond the norm. At Architect Design Lighting, we welcome the challenge. Here, you'll find numerous configurations for the designer in you, allowing you to seamlessly aim, curve, and focus your lighting in specific directions. Reflective shades add to this effect, and you can also choose from various shade design, sizes, and more. If color is your thing, we have a wide range of finish options available to perfectly coordinate your new lighting fixture with whatever exterior design theme you choose. Go for something bold, red, and modern, or stick with the classic, rustic and industrial style that these gooseneck wall lamps are known for. The combinations are virtually endless, so you're only limited by your imagination. To prove it, we'll even let you call in to our lighting experts to help customize your lighting based on your own unique needs. If you don't find just what you need on our site, we'll help you tailor a light to your specifications. What could be easier?