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13"W x 12"H - Saucer Post-Mount Vapor-Tight Light

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Quick Overview

Choosing the right lighting for wet environments can be a challenge. That's why these vapor-tight fence post lights are designed to withstand even the most extreme conditions to offer you a stylish and reliable pathway lighting solution. For installation on any 3" post, these 13" wide lights feature the Saucer shade design. Resembling a flying saucer, this round-brimmed shade can complement any type of décor. Make it stand out on your property by finishing it in the color of your choice. Materials include aluminum, copper, and brass in finishes that are powder coated, raw, brushed, satin, and polished. Use vapor-tight lights in moist, humid, or dusty applications without fear of dirt and moisture affecting your lamping element. Post-mount lighting is ideal for lining driveways, sidewalks, garden paths, or storefronts, as well as accent lighting for flowerbeds and statuary.

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Availability: Yes

13"W x 12"H - Saucer Post-Mount Vapor-Tight Light

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  • 13"W x 12"H - Saucer Post-Mount Vapor-Tight Light


Pathway Lighting Never Looked So Good!

Make your home or business look even more approachable by installing these attractive post-mount lantern lights on your property. By adding nighttime illumination you make your property look safer for those coming to call after the sun has gone done. For commercial or restaurant applications this means more business for you! And for home purposes, this means a warm and comforting feeling of welcome for friends and family. With a classic Saucer shade design these lights look as good during the day as they do at night. A simple silhouette with a round brim and rugged cast guard ensures that this path light will fit in with any type of architecture or outdoor décor.

Post-Mount Lighting That Never Loses its Shine

Rain or shine, these post-mount fixtures will light the way for many years to come; and they'll look just as good doing it a year from now as they will today. That's because our vapor-tight fixtures are crafted from heavy-duty machine spun aluminum with a powder coat finish that will resist rust. Vapor-tight fixtures are also ideal for outdoor applications because they protect your light bulb and wiring from moisture, dust, and dirt. This will save on lamping costs and on maintenance, affording you more time to enjoy your outdoor activities. With a sturdy aluminum cast guard this fixture can be installed in any commercial or municipal location with a reduced chance of bulb damage.

Custom Fence Post Lights to Match Your Shutters

Whether you want to match the color of your shutters or the style of your home's architecture, these light fixtures can be customized in a number of ways. Over two dozen finish and color choices included bold primary colors, subdued earth tones, gleaming metal textures, faux aged looks, and real metals like copper and brass. The glass jar is also available in a number of clear and colored options. Add eye-catching appeal by finishing your shade and cast guard in contrasting hues. For all of your customization options, including upgraded lamping, call our customer service staff.

Availability Usually ships in 2-3 weeks.
Available for Exterior Use Yes
Dimensions 13" W x 12" H x 3" P