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13"W x 12"H - Saucer Post-Mount Vapor-Tight Light

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Sku: SL8-LCGU-14-RG-1-PM
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Quick Overview

A cast guard and glass jar gives these outdoor post lights a delightfully rustic look that can add curb appeal to any property. Post-mount light fixtures can be used to light the way in any number of applications. With a classic saucer shade design, you can add these aluminum lights to a traditional driveway or a modern shopping center parking lot. They are acceptable for use in any outdoor location, especially since the vapor-proof glass jar keeps dirt and moisture away from the socket and wiring. These post-mount lights can be customized to match your architecture or décor with a variety of finishes and colors. Alternative material choices include copper, brass, and galvanized steel (cast guard will be aluminum with a metal finish to match). Give your front yard or business façade an inviting glow by finishing these rustic lantern lights in a faux aged Brushed Patina or Painted Rust.

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Availability: Yes

13"W x 12"H - Saucer Post-Mount Vapor-Tight Light

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  • 13"W x 12"H - Saucer Post-Mount Vapor-Tight Light


Outdoor Post Lights to Show Off Garden Paths

There's nothing more attractive than a well manicured lawn with tastefully placed post lights to show off the scenery at night. The Saucer shade design is perfect for bringing a touch of classic elegance to any property. The pleasing silhouette of a rounded brim, tapered top, and flat base make the finishing touch to a home yard, business, or commercial property. Whether at home or in a public park, these post-mount lights can make garden paths more inviting for guests who wish to admire the colorful blooms and foliage at night. Placing a single post-mount fixture next to a focal point like a specimen tree, water feature, or sculpture is a sure way to draw attention.

Post-Mount Light Fixtures Increase Safety in Outdoor Areas

Not only do these classic lantern-style lights make a stylish addition to your landscape, they also increase the security of your property. Bright outdoor lighting makes residents and customers feel safer when approaching your home or business after the sun has gone down. At the same time, well placed post-mount lights let would-be intruders know that their approach won't go unnoticed. While adding security these post-mount lights also make walking on outdoor pathways safer at night. Never risk stumbling over stray rocks or driving over a freshly planted lawn when you have brilliant lanterns to guide your way. These electric lights can be conveniently mounted on the post of your choice.

The Perfect Lights for Upscale Development Projects

Outdoor lighting lends an attractive finished look to properties, both private and public. These fixtures are an upscale way to add illumination to housing or commercial development projects. They are durable enough for any outdoor location because they are made from sturdy aluminum with a rustproof powder coat finish. A vapor-tight glass jar protects the bulb and socket safe from moisture and dirt. And the heavy-duty aluminum cast guard isn't just for show, either! Customize this light to match your landscape with over two dozen colors and finishes.

Availability Usually ships in 2-3 weeks.
Available for Exterior Use Yes
Dimensions 13" W x 12" H x 3" P