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7"W x 10.5"H - Cinnamon Food Warming Light

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Sku: SL8-400
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This simple and sleek food warming light brings a touch of class to your restaurant space. A popular choice for adding practical and decorative value, hanging pendants for restaurants and bars complete your décor while warming your food. This aluminum fixture comes in the finish of your choice from 32 color and texture options. Vent holes allow for the release of excess heat from your bulbs. Though these attractive lights can be hung in the back of the house over pickup or staging areas, you'll want to display them proudly in the front over a buffet line or serving station. Mount this fixture using one of our many cord and stem hanging options. Choose a swivel, nose, or canopy toggle switch to meet your lighting needs. These fixtures have a max wattage of 250W. Please call to ask about the 375W option.

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SKU: SL8-400

Availability: Yes

7"W x 10.5"H - Cinnamon Food Warming Light

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  • 7"W x 10.5"H - Cinnamon Food Warming Light


Decorative Pendants for Restaurants

Not just your average food warming lamps, these hanging fixtures are perfect for displaying proudly in the front of the house because they add a touch of classic elegance to your restaurant's décor. They are designed to have a pleasing simple silhouette so that they become part of the decorative scheme just as they serve the practical purpose of keeping your food warm before it is delivered to diners. No matter what style of décor you display, from traditional, to rustic, to modern, this food warming light can fit in perfectly. There are 32 bold and gleaming colors to choose from.

Pendant Lights Versus Strip Warmers

Individual food warming pendant lights serve the same purpose as traditional strip warmers but they give the added element of aesthetic value. Why display a boring grey strip warmer that blends into the background when you can draw admiring attention with stylish hanging pendant lights? Though these aluminum lights can be used in the back of the house over a pickup shelf or staging area, they are recommended for front of house use due to their size and design. Hang these pendants over buffets or carving stations using one of our cord or stem mounting options. A standard 8' cord is available in black or white for utilitarian applications. The aluminum stem brings a more elegant "finished" appeal. We also offer a pull down cord for the ultimate adjustable convenience.

Food Warming Lights Bring Heat and Light

Not only do these food warming lights bring the heat that is necessary to keep foods at a safe temperature before they are eaten, but they also provide the light to show off your culinary creations. These American-made pendant fixtures have a max wattage of 250W. A 350W option is also available when you call our customer service team to discuss your individual lighting needs. When ordering this fixture, choose from the swivel, nose, or canopy toggle switch.

Availability Usually ships in 2-3 weeks.
Dimensions 7" W x 10.5" H