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9"W x 15"H - Self-Ballasted Vapor-Tight Pendant Light

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Both functional and decorative, vapor-tight lights can be used in virtually any location to bring some stylish illumination. These self-ballasted pendant fixtures also offer a more convenient, lower-cost alternative to traditional light fixtures because they have a ballast built right in to the base. This allows to you purchase less expensive unballasted bulbs like energy-efficient CFLs. Incandescent, HPS, and MH lamping are also available. Hung from either an aluminum stem or 8' cord, this light can be customized with colorful powder coat finishes or materials like aluminum, brass, and copper. Note: for brass or copper fixtures the cast guard will be made from aluminum with a matching finish. The glass jar also comes in clear and colored options. Choose vapor-tight pendants for wet or dusty locations because they keep dirt and moisture away from the bulb and wiring.

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    Availability: Yes

    9"W x 15"H - Self-Ballasted Vapor-Tight Pendant Light

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    • 9"W x 15"H - Self-Ballasted Vapor-Tight Pendant Light


    The Pendant Light of the Future

    Not only does this self-ballasted pendant have a futuristic look thanks to the spherical base, but it is also constructed using energy-efficient modern design. These pendant lights have a ballast built into the fixture, allowing you to use unballasted light bulbs. With these innovative lights you can choose your lamping option from CFL, incandescent, metal halide, or HPS, whatever best meets your lamping needs. These fixtures also employ the reliable vapor-tight design in which light bulbs are protected from dirt, moisture, and dust behind a glass vapor jar. This versatile pendant light is packed with the most resilient features for use in any application, no matter how high-risk, wet, or dusty. Use it anywhere from food-preparation facilities, to sporting complexes, to warehouses.

    Decorative Vapor-Tight Lights for Restaurant Décor

    Durable and stylish, these pendant lights make an attractive addition to restaurant and café décor. They can be hung at the height of your choice from an 8' cord or an aluminum stem. A variety of color and finish choices are available to match your business's décor. Bring a touch of rugged industrial charm to a dining room, kitchen, entryway, or dining patio with these retro light fixtures. The glass jar can also be colored to bring a touch of moody ambience.

    Save Money with Self-Ballasted Pendant Fixtures

    These hanging ceiling lights are designed to do more than just give your commercial or restaurant space an attractive modern look; they also save you money. The savings are twofold with these self-ballasted fixtures. First, you save money on light bulbs since these lights allow you to purchase less-expensive unballasted compact fluorescent bulbs. Second, you save money on your total electric bill when you use energy-efficient CFLs. That's saving your wallet and saving the environment at the same time! Give your business a more contemporary look and feel confident that you've made the right lamping choice, especially in applications where the lights are left on for extended periods of time.

    Availability Usually ships in 2-3 weeks.
    Available for Exterior Use Yes
    Dimensions 9" W x 15" H