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16" Heirloom Low Flair Radial Shade Pendant Light

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Quick Overview

Enjoy retro lighting design without the headache of old-fashioned fixtures with these 16" Heirloom pendant lights. They have a classic design that gives vintage elegance to any space, featuring a low flair radial shade. Installing attractive hanging light fixtures for home, restaurant, or business lighting boosts your property's value with an upscale "finished" look. These lights can be customized to match any color scheme with over two dozen finishes in bold modern colors, rustic hues, and shiny metal textures. Material choices include spun aluminum, copper, and brass. Add an accessory bulb guard like an acorn globe (pictured here) or a glass jar to give your fixture a truly antique look while also protecting your light bulb. Lamping options include incandescent (standard), CFL, HPS, and metal halide. Hang this light over a dining table or desk using either the 8' cord or aluminum stem option.

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Availability: Yes

16" Heirloom Low Flair Radial Shade Pendant Light

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  • 16" Heirloom Low Flair Radial Shade Pendant Light
  • 16" Heirloom Low Flair Radial Shade Pendant Light


Hanging Light Fixtures for Home or Business

With a classic design, the Heirloom pendant light brings a touch of old-fashioned elegance to homes, restaurants, retail stores, boutiques, and office buildings. This simple design simply never goes out of style. A low flair radial shade and decorative top allows for a wide pool of light while also giving a subtle element of retro charm to your room. Since these lights are so versatile they can be adapted to any home or commercial application. For busy retail or restaurant spaces we suggest adding a bulb protection accessory. Not only will these fittings extend the life of your bulbs, but they will also add rugged rustic beauty to your fixtures. Options include a cast guard or wire guard with glass, glass jar alone, acorn globe (pictured here), or wire guard.

Heirloom Pendant Lights Last a Lifetime

Whether you hang it over your kitchen table or your front porch, you can make this decorative light fixture a true family heirloom with the proper care. Crafted in America using heavy gauge spun aluminum, this light is sure to last for many generations. Our fixtures go through a five stage pretreatment process and are coated with a lead free powder coat finish to resist rust and corrosion while also keeping the shade looking brand new for years to come. If you want a true antique look today, order this pendant in a faux aged finish like Weathered Copper, Painted Rust, Patina, or Aged Brass.

Add a Finishing Touch with Retro Lighting

The beauty of retro light fixtures is that they can fit in with any type of décor, modern, traditional, or transitional. Depending on how you finish this fixture it can fit in with any type of space. There are over two dozen finishes to choose from that include bold contemporary colors, rustic earthy tones, faux antique finishes, and industrial metal textures. Make this light the finishing touch for a restaurant dining room or office reception area by hanging it using either the 8' cord or aluminum stem.

Availability Usually ships in 1-2 weeks.
Available for Exterior Use Yes
Shade Dimensions 16 Dia. x 9.5 H.
Additional Pendant Light Options

Note: Your final light fixture price will vary (up or down) depending on the components required below.

  1. Light Source
    • Incandescent: 100W-200W range.
    • CF (Compact Flourescent): 26,32 or 42W with integrated or remote ballasts.
    • HID (Metal Hallide or High Pressure Sodium; 35,50, 70 and 100W with integrated or remote ballasts.
  2. Globe Options (Globe Finishes include: clear, frosted, prismatic; Globe Shapes include:extended globe, opal ball, textured teardrop or tapered):
  3. Other Accessories Including:
    • Grills
    • Lenses
    • Guards, and
    • Refractors

Additional Product Details Include:

  1. Lamp Holders: Accommodates Incandescent medium base porcelain socket, copper shell with nicked plate, rated 250V, 660W. Compact Fluorescent 4 pin heat resistant thermoplastic socket accommodates 26/32W (Gx24q-3 base) and 42W (Gx24q-4 base). Twist lock design provides for vibration and earthquake resistance, rated 75W, 600V. High Intensity Discharge (H.I.D.) medium base, 4KV pulse start socket, rated 660W/600V.
  2. Shade/Reflector Construction: Spun from heavy gauge 1100-0 aluminum, ranging in thickness from .050 to .125. Galvanized is from 20 gauge sheets. Copper is spun from .040 gauge and 110 soft alloy.
  3. Included Wiring: Fixtures are pre-wired with 48” or 96” leads.
  4. Finish Process: Five stage pretreatment process, coated with a lead free TGI C polyester powder coat finish. White is standard inside reflectors, Except #49-Galvanized, #62-Arnodized Bronze and #63-Iron Rust, Unless specified. Custom colors and Marine are available upon request.