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Pole Lights & Commercial Light Poles

Light pole and lamp post lights are a dominant fixture in outdoor commercial lighting design. In fact, aluminum outdoor post lighting can be found lining urban boulevards, illuminating nature trails or on the patio at your favorite café. Supplied here by Architect Design Lighting, find commercial lamppost lights to suit any project.

The majority of our line of pole lighting is offered in single and double arm and shade configurations to achieve the practical light source required of each project. In addition, commercial pole lights come with custom options including

  • 3" or 4" diameter size options for aluminum light posts
  • 25 color choices
  • Simple or decorative hook designs (additional cost may apply)

Shop commercial aluminum post light fixtures online or call toll-free to work with a project manager: 1-888-320-0628

Commercial post lights are made in the U.S.A. from durable spun aluminum that is finished with a powder-coated paint for superior outdoor performance. By clicking on individual architectural lighting fixtures below, customers can view available options and place a secure, convenient online order. Custom ordering is available upon request.

Classic Style Meets Modern Chic with Lamp Post Lights

Architectural lighting has always been a necessity along main streets, outside storefronts, and lighting the way at homes and businesses. Originally, outdoor illumination was provided by real candle light on posts with a protective covering or hurricane glass to prevent rain and wind from extinguishing the flame. Luckily, modern lighting fixtures don't have this issue, but their dazzling globes and sweeping arms maintain the classic feel of original post lamps and globe lighting, making for a nostalgic, elegant, and warm feel. Adding freestanding lights to a building's exterior or lining them along roadways adds instant charm, transforming even the most ordinary of places. But today's outdoor post lights extend beyond the traditional lantern look, with contemporary lighting featuring globes in an array of striking shapes, multi-arm frames, and stunning color combinations. There's something available for virtually any decor theme, making them suitable options for even more modern enthusiasts.

Functional Outdoor Post Lighting Where It's Needed

Unlike wall or ceiling lights, pole lamps aren't limited by location. They can be placed anywhere they are needed. This aspect makes them favorites among our customers for use along paths, roads, or placed throughout gardens or landscaping. They add a welcoming feel to storefronts or public arenas, while offering the ample light needed to ensure the safety and comfort of patrons and customers. While their lighting is sufficient for larger commercial areas, it also maintains a warmth and appeal that doesn't overwhelm. Today's lamp post light fixtures can also accommodate various bulb options, including energy-efficient bulbs that make enjoying these lights outside busy storefronts more attainable for small businesses. Each light is skillfully crafted from durable materials, allowing them to withstand harsh weather conditions even in areas with less than ideal weather. Our lights are made with the highest standards in mind, ensuring years of appeal.

More Options for Customized Commercial Post Lights

Sometimes you have a specific idea in mind that might be a little bit contrary to the norm. That's okay with us at Architect Design Lighting. We know that architects, designers, and customers use their creativity to come up with an aesthetic that works well for their needs and tastes. That's why we offer a vast array of color, shade, and post configurations to meet whatever your desires may be. Choose from options that allow for alterations to the light trajectory for display or safety purposes, various colors and materials, and different shade sizes and shapes. One and two arm designs are also available. Need something more specific? Call our lighting experts and discuss your unique project and design the lighting solution that's just right for you.