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Add well-made fixtures to your space with these decorative metal wall sconces. This assortment of warehouse and barn sconce designs blends style and functionality. And with each piece of outdoor sconce lighting made in the USA, the products we supply support American manufacturers.

Suitable as residential or commercial wall sconces, these fixtures adorn storefronts, exterior garage doors and the interior walls of restaurants and cafes. The warehouse and barn light sconce style is appealing for its vintage feel and functionality. These shades make for charming wall sconce lighting that give off a warm, brilliant glow.

Indoor and outdoor sconce lighting comes with different color options including bold hues like yellow and red, or raw finishes like galvanized steel or textured black. Additional cost may apply for some colors. Click on individual metal wall sconces below to get more information on shade dimensions, lamping, color options and pricing.

Find the Perfect Metal Wall Sconces for your Project

We're bringing back the barn sconce with our part rustic charm and part industrial outdoor sconce collection. But we haven't stopped there. We also have a wide assortment of sconces for indoor uses, like lining seating at restaurants or adding a bit of flair to your sitting area. Sconces also make wonderful additions to porches, doorways, and other outdoor areas where customers or workers come and go, since they add extra lighting while also enhancing the building's visual appeal.

Residential and Commercial Wall Sconces Add Style and Convenience

Here you'll find decorative wall sconces that feature a wide range of design themes. From the more conventional scrolls and curls or rustic and industrial charms, to more modern sconces with bright colors and more sleek frames, you'll find something here to accentuate your design aspirations. But sconces are more than just beautiful. They're also convenient lighting options for homes and commercial areas alike. Unlike lamps and other small fixtures, they won't take up valuable floor or table space, since they're mounted directly to the wall. This allows them to versatility of being mounted virtually anywhere, even in rooms with limited space. They're also perfect for the exteriors of stores, barns, warehouses, and other areas where extra lighting is needed.

Find the Decorative Wall Sconce that Coordinates with your Design

Sometimes it's hard to find that perfect finishing touch. Designers and architects often have an idea of what they want, but it can be tricky finding a fixture that actually fits the bill. That's why we offer sconces in a range of configurations, sizes, colors, and finish types. From bright and colorful to copper patina for a more old world appearance, you'll find options here to work well with a wide range of decor themes, or customize your lighting to perfectly enhance any area.

Our Outdoor Sconce Lighting for Style and Function

For customers seeking outdoor lighting fixtures, we have numerous metal sconces designed to withstand the rigors of various weather conditions. Choose from durable spun aluminum sconces, made for stability and a lightweight feel. You can even choose to powder coat the finish, allowing these fixtures to withstand sun, rain, and other inclimate weather without rusting, fading, or peeling. Shop wall sconce lighting online, or call us toll-free for a personalized fixture.