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10"W x 13"H - Radial Vapor-Tight Wall Sconce

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Sku: SL8-LCGU-RS-10-1B
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Quick Overview

Make your property safer and more attractive by installing outdoor light fixtures like these Radial shade wall sconces. Vapor-tight lighting is the dependable way to ensure that the lights stay on, no matter what the outside conditions. These sconces showcase the attractive Radial shade design that brings a touch of classic appeal to your property. They are constructed with a vapor-tight glass jar and aluminum cast guard to prevent impact damage and to keep moisture and dirt away from your bulb. Ideal for wet and extreme conditions, these lights mount directly to your wall with the included back plate. Choose the right color to match your space with one of our many finish and material choices, as well as glass jar colors. Please note that real copper and brass fixtures will come with an aluminum cast guard that is finished to match.


Availability: Yes

10"W x 13"H - Radial Vapor-Tight Wall Sconce

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  • 10"W x 13"H - Radial Vapor-Tight Wall Sconce


Vapor-Tight Lighting Brings Style to Rugged Settings

With our popular Radial shade design, these wall sconces bring a touch of classic charm to even the most rugged and high-risk places, residential, commercial, or industrial. They combine the elegant rustic appeal of the scalloped Radial shade and the heavy-duty durability of vapor-tight construction. Because of the vapor-tight design light is able to shine brightly through the glass vapor jar while dirt and moisture are kept out. Bulbs are protected from wet, dirty, or extreme conditions so that your fixture casts a more reliable glow. These lights can be customized to match any type of décor so that even busy commercial stores and high-risk factories can benefit from a touch of traditional beauty. Material choices include copper, brass, and aluminum in an array of colors and finishes.

Limited Floor Space? Choose Wall Sconces

Save that valuable square footage on your porch or patio for comfy outdoor furniture. These lights won't take up any real estate at all because they mount directly on the wall. Vapor jar wall lights are an ideal choice for limited spaces because they can be installed virtually anywhere. With the included back plate, these lights mount directly to the wall. Indoors or outdoors, all it takes is a round or octagonal junction box. These lights add an extra dose of illumination to either complement the main light source or function all on their own. Bring stylish lighting to barns, pool house, workshops, and garages without worrying about floor space.

Outdoor Light Fixtures for Added Safety

Hung on an exterior wall, this bright wall sconce will bring additional security to your property while giving your façade a pleasing decorative look. For home use, wall sconces are the perfect way to add a welcoming beacon to your front porch or stoop. Visitors will always find their way right to the front door by the light of this dependable vapor-tight sconce. These lights can also be used as a set to line expansive exterior wall like those on shopping centers, restaurants, or warehouses.

Availability Usually ships in 2-3 weeks.
Available for Exterior Use Yes
Dimensions 10" W x 13" H x 11" P