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12"W x 13"H - Radial Vapor-Tight Wall Sconce

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Quick Overview

Combining utility and style, these Radial vapor jar lights are a convenient choice for any application. The scalloped shade adds a touch of ornamental elegance to otherwise industrial wall sconces. This design gives the fixtures a retro feel that works great with rustic and vintage décor in restaurants, home, and shops. Vapor-tight wall lights allow you to create ambient or task lighting in any space since they can be installed anywhere you choose, no need for floor or ceiling space. Plus, these adaptable wall fixtures can be customized to match your décor or architecture. Dozens of colors are available in aluminum, brass, or copper materials. (Note: real brass and copper fixtures will come with an aluminum cast guard finished to match.) Indoors or outdoors, vapor-tight fixtures keep your bulb safe from moisture and dust.


Availability: Yes

12"W x 13"H - Radial Vapor-Tight Wall Sconce

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  • 12"W x 13"H - Radial Vapor-Tight Wall Sconce


Any Space Can Benefit from Convenient Wall Lights

No matter how big or small your room or building, any space can benefit from the extra burst of light that these brilliant wall sconces bring. With the included back plate, they can be installed on any round junction box, indoors or outdoors. And because these light fixtures have such a versatile design there is virtually no limit to their applications. The Radial shade design offers a touch of traditional charm to homes, restaurants, shopping centers, or industrial spaces. Constructed from materials like spun aluminum, copper, and brass, these lights can be finished to match your décor. Choose from dozens of finish colors for your lamp as well as colored and clear options for the glass jar.

Industrial Wall Sconces Bring the Light Down to You

With a heavy-duty design and versatile mounting options, these wall sconces are perfect for bringing plentiful task lighting to any workspace. Wall sconces are ideal for large warehouse and manufacturing buildings because they can be mounted at any height on any wall. Even if the ceiling is 20 feet tall, these sconces can shine a bright glow at an accessible height. Install them over machinery, countertops or workstations where they will be the most beneficial. Wall lights are also the practical choice for exterior walls because they don't require any ceiling or floor space. Line an entire façade with these vapor-tight fixtures to enhance your property's security.

Vapor Jar Lights Offer Even More Possibilities

Much more durable than traditional light fixtures, vapor jar lights have unlimited installation possibilities. That's because they can be used in any environment. A vapor-tight design keeps moisture and dust from damaging the light bulb and socket so that your light will perform longer and stronger. These lights can be used in any wet, dusty, or high-risk situation, including waterfront properties, food-processing facilities, and manufacturing locations. A sturdy aluminum cast guard protects the glass jar from impact damage in garages, barns, and factories.

Availability Usually ships in 2-3 weeks.
Available for Exterior Use Yes
Dimensions 12" W x 13" H x 14" P